Gluten-free bread and wrap available for substitution.

Eggs Benedict

2 poached eggs, Canadian ham and hollandaise on English muffin  9.75

Stella's Sampler

2 eggs, 1 pancake or French toast, potatoes and choice of meat 8.95

Our Own Creamed Chipped Beef

Over Toast or Potatoes  7.75

Stella Scramblers

2 eggs scrambled with potatoes, your choice of veggie and meat, served with toast 8.95


Plain, sesame or everything with cream cheese  3.25

2 Eggs, Potatoes & Toast


2 Eggs, Potatoes, Choice of meat & Toast


2 Eggs Any Style

3.25; Poached add .75

Breakfast Potatoes


Breakfast Meat

Bacon, Sausage, Pork Roll, Scrapple, Ham, Turkey Bacon or Turkey Sausage  3.95


Choice of sourdough, whole grain, rye, Texas toast, English muffin  2.00; Croissant 2.75 | GF  3.00


Double Pork Roll & Cheese


Bacon, Tomato, Avocado & Feta


Bacon, Onions & Cheddar Cheese



Spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes  8.95

Bacon & Brussels Sprout



Choice of Swiss, American, cheddar, provolone or pepper jack  8.50

Meat Lover's

Ham, bacon and sausage  9.50

Create Your Own

Prices vary

Breakfast Sandwiches

Stella's Croissant

Scrambled egg, bacon, pepper jack cheese, guacamole and garlic tomato spread 9.25

BLT Breakfast Club

on Everything Bagel 8.95

Egg & Cheese


Healthy Choice Wrap

Egg white, zucchini, yellow squash, spinach and tomatoes 8.75

The Breakfast Wrap

Sausage, egg, potatoes, onions and cheddar 8.95

Egg, Cheese, & Choice of Meat



Walnut-Encrusted Croissant French Toast

Topped with bananas and whipped cream 8.95

Stella's Maple Bacon Pancakes

Short stack 6.95 | Full stack 8.95

Buttermilk Waffle


Fresh Fruit

Cup 2.50 | Bowl 4.00

Baked Oatmeal


Buttermilk Pancakes

Kids 3.75 | Short stack 5.95 | Full stack 7.95

Texas French Toast

Short stack 5.95 | Full stack 7.95

Pure Maple Syrup


Our Own Granola

In Bowl of Yogurt & Fresh Fruit 6.75

Stella's Sticky Buns

4.00 (Available Wednesday and Saturday)

Stella's Coffee Club Menu

Monday through Friday from 6:30am-8:30am. All items are $4.99.

2 Eggs, Potatoes & Toast

Creamed Chipped Beef over Texas Toast

4 Silver Dollar Pancakes topped with Fresh Fruit

Short Stack French Toast

Egg & Choice of Cheese Wrap with Breakfast Potatoes


Gluten-free bread and wrap available for substitution.

Homemade Soup & Salad

Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Salad

Balsamic and garlic roasted Brussels sprouts, bacon and feta served over a bed of spinach with our own warm bacon vinaigrette 10.25

Chef Salad

Turkey, bacon, ham, egg, tomatoes, American and cheddar cheese over a bed of crispy iceberg lettuce, with our own buttermilk ranch dressing 10.50

Caesar Salad

Fresh Parmesan and toasted croutons tossed in a bed of romaine lettuce served with Caesar dressing 8.25, Add grilled chicken 3.00

Orchard Salad

Dried cherries and cranberries, raisins, toasted almonds, pistachios and feta over a bed of spring mix with our own almond dressing 9.50

House Salad

Sun-dried fruit mix and feta served over a bed of mixed greens with our own strawberry vinaigrette dressing 8.95

Soup of the Day

with Toast, Cup 4.25 | Bowl 6.50

Hearty Beef & Bean Chili

with Toast, Cup 4.25 | Bowl 6.50


Your choice of panini or wrap served with complimentary roasted garlic and rosemary potatoes (no substitutions) | Whole grain gluten-free bread add 1.50 White gluten-free wrap add 1.75

Slow-Roasted Pork

With caramelized onions, provolone and cheddar cheese on brioche roll 9.75

Stella Burger

8 oz. sirloin burger topped with cheddar, bacon fried egg, lettuce and tomatoes 9.95

Create Your Own Burger!!!

(Choice of 3 toppings) 9.95

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken breast with provolone cheese spinach leaves and roasted red peppers with a pesto spread 8.75

Triple Grilled Cheese

Cheddar, sharp provolone and Swiss cheeses with fresh tomatoes and bacon (not available in a wrap) 8.75

Fresh Mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella slices with roasted red peppers, baby spinach leaves and pesto, drizzled with our own balsamic glaze 8.75

Tuna Salad Melt

White tuna with sharp cheddar cheese, bacon and tomatoes 8.95

Savory Roast Beef

Our own roasted beef layered with grilled tomatoes, spinach leaves, cheddar and bleu cheeses with creamy horseradish 9.25

Turkey Breast

Our own pan-roasted turkey with Swiss cheese, spinach and bacon with a Dijonnaise spread 9.25

Sliced Ham

Thinly sliced tavern ham topped with Swiss cheese, bacon and grilled tomatoes with a Dijonnaise spread 8.75


Bacon, romaine lettuce, tomatoes and mayo on Texas toast 8.75


Corned beef, Swiss and sauerkraut with Russian dressing on rye 8.75

Childrens Menu

For children 10 and under.

Grilled Cheese

Served with fresh fruit 5.00

Kid's Sirloin Burger

Served with potato wedges 5.50

Cheese Quesadilla

Served with fresh fruit 5.00


Created in our kitchen.


(assorted) 3.25


(assorted) 3.25

Crumb Cake



(assorted large) 1.75

Homemade Marshmallow


Stella's Sticky Buns

(Available Wednesday and Saturday) 4.00

Stella's Sticky Bun Bread Pudding

With caramel sauce and freshly whipped cream 4.50


Latte/Cappuccino Flavors

Served hot or cold. Small 4.75 | Large 5.75 Add almond milk. Small 5.75 | Large 6.75


Samoa Cookie

Double Chocolate


Sticky Bun



Peppermint Paddy

English Toffee

German Chocolate


Milky Way

Peanut Butter Cup

Coconut Cream

Create Your Own!

Classic Drinks

Coffee is FREE with entree purchase for veterans, police and firefighters every day. Notify your server and thank you for your service!

One Village Coffee

Small 12 oz. 2.75 | Large 20 oz. 3.75

Mocha Coffee

4.00, Add a flavor .50 | Whipped cream 1.25

Latte or Cappuccino

Small 12 oz. 4.25 | Large 20 oz. 5.25

Espresso (2 shots)


Cold Brew Iced Coffee


Stella's Cocoa

3.75, Add peppermint .50, Homemade marshmallow .75, Freshly whipped cream 1.25

Hot Tea Service

Black, decaf or flavored 3.25

Stella's Freshly Shaken Iced Tea

Black or decaf 3.25

Orange, Apple, Cranberry, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Tomato Juice or Milk

Small 2.75 | Large 3.75, Chocolate milk add .75

Specialty Teas

Our own recipes 3.75

Lavender Mint


Blackberry Peach

Strawberry Basil

Emma's Pink Lemonade

Hawaiian Plantation

Sweet Lime

Green Tea Berry Delight

Mojito Mint

Citrus Cooler

Orange Spice

Mint Julep